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Good Mood Stealer
So you think you know everything, need nothing
and everybody is here to serve, but in one you are right,
they show you what you are when they spit to the ground
when you come and vomit when they try to swerve
Get up with a good feeling, but your dreams are now shut
Dreams about a life, you are about to fuck
In the evening just before you fall asleep, you just notice,
you are the best in good mood stealing
Still here, with us,
sticked, Deputed,
you come back again
Spelled, smiling
Ready to destroy another one’s day
So you are a Dick, but worse is, you aren’t aware
Build your tower of suffering, body covers body
but such constructions cannot be built to infinity
everything will fall on you, karma will impair


Wake up! the night is all you see
Learn, prepare, work out, get there
Take your place in trench of life
It’s hard to practice, but easy to fight
You read your shield all day long
The pen is stronger than the sword
Wrinkles are you highest rank
Their pay is playing, stupefying clank
Days are shifting, your age too
Bank is shooting deadly bills on you
There is another battle to win
You have to put on the market, your skin
Blinded by light
There is nothing to see
March thru the night
You still do not believe
Final Battle! You have to support the stick, 
hands are shaking, targets are too quick
Vision is blurred, your camouflage turns gray
Memories fading, you start to be arfraid
Last friend is near, holding your hand
Death is her name, and that’s the end
Mental Leech
Hiding in the shades, lurking she hunts
once you were seen, motive is clear
You can run for cover, but you cannot hide
she approaches you, the psycho war is near
You do not look, for such beasts like these
you just want to swim, in your cesspool peacefully
but it is like having a fucking disease
it rips your soul, but you must be together gleefully
Sucking my mind
Brain is blind
I can not win
She shreds my skin
And what it takes, just a few months of suffer
Sucks my blood, controls pressure in my veins
But this joy must come to an end, last supper
Time to cut the body and break up the chains
It seem to me, people are crazy
They talk too much and my ears are eating shit
How far there more, the knowledge is fading
And smartest persons, are sieving the grit
And than the crowds, they’re always right
But standing just there, where the Dog is not
You can try to tell them, they can be free
You just carry the sunlight, home in the pot
Welcome! To the Moronia State
We offer just slavery and hate
Clever cowards, stupid leaders
And it is no secret, you work for cheaters
You have victories, but bigger falls
for each praise, two kicks in the balls
How many tears, how many lives
until we find out - there´s no reason
Headless streaming into the vortex of a career
which doesn’t care and swallows all of humanity
Green painted mind, break the records of deception
Mammonist! Sell your world and improve his own
Feellings are not important in this game,
where some of us will
sell the last, what’s left. The price is clear. Hope!
Work! Die! Sweat your blood on money!
Hold on! ’Cause over your shoulders is
Keep your hope in mind, with soul she makes
imaginary ways out of the wicked life
and intrigues all around. But don’t despair
Death is redemption from your trivial life
Killing Past
Time to look into your past
time to heal wounds
don’t look forward and erase
old faults
Ablaze desire to crunch
destroy what you build
rewrite again a diary
full of pain
Past will come back again
the ring starts to close!
In vanity they try the voices of the past
subdue through acts of the present!
You are Death
Wash away blood off your hands
burn your vicious soul
Lightly smile and you can smell
burning flesh in deepest hell
Thick Fume of Dependecies
Since ancient days of earth, warriors of pain and death
fight again our minds. They come from hell
Surrounded with sound, of bell with power
to hit the lights, they attack your life
And on the edge of knife, building your dark cell
You don’t remember, times you were you
Palm of abstract visions, hide real world and it come through
from the person that lost all what never had, from you
Living alone - dying alone
lace of life burns, bothsides
Can you feel death? She caresses you on face
and you can never win this chase
And what’s the point, what’s the goal?
That straw is breakable as man’s soul
life substance is fading
in thick fume of dependencies